Insurance Company / Broker and/or Company Fleet Administration Letter

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Re: Petrol Contributions

I have recently joined a car share scheme (ride share/drive share/carpool). When I give other Liftshare members a lift I shall be entitled to receive a petrol wear and tear contribution of 10p per mile per passenger. The rate is suggested by and will change from time to time in line with motoring costs and general inflation.

A statement by the Association of British Insurers on this matter is on page two. If this contravenes any clause in my insurance policy then please would you advise me as soon as possible. Please contact for further details about their national liftsharing scheme.

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Motor Conference Undertaking

The receipt of contributions as part of a car sharing arrangement for social or other similar purposes in respect of the carriage of passengers on a journey in a vehicle insured under a private car policy will not be regarded as constituting the carriage of passengers for hire or reward (or the use of the vehicle for hiring) provided that:

  1. The vehicle is not constructed or adapted to carry more than eight passengers excluding the driver.
  2. The passengers are not being carried in the course of a business carrying passengers
  3. The total contributions received for the journey concerned do not involve an element of profit

Note. If in any doubt whether a car sharing scheme arrangement is covered by the terms of a private car policy the policyholders concerned should make an inquiry to their motor insurers. Motor Conference is the Standing Joint Committee of the Association of British Insurers and Lloyds Motor Underwriters' Association

(Supplied by the Association of British Insurers June 1998)